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At Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC), you'll discover what it means to be a leader and attain lifelong leadership skills.You'll also gain greater self-confidence, a sense of Jewish pride, and a community of diverse friendships, while enjoying new hobbies, sports competitions, chofesh (free time), celebrating Shabbat, and so much more!

With seven sessions to choose from at two different locations, we offer lots of flexibility for you to build a CLTC leadership experience into your summer plans!

One Program, Seven Sessions, Two Awesome Locations:

B’nai B’rith Beber Camp
Mukwonago, Wisconsin
CLTC 1, 3, 5, 7 & 8

Beber Camp, located right outside Milwaukee, offers the classic summer camp experience—lots of green, wide-open spaces and rooms of four to six bunk beds, each with a private bathroom. It typically takes under five minutes to get from one end of camp to the other.

CLTC 1: June 5–17, 2018
CLTC 3: June 19–July 1, 2018
CLTC 5: July 3–15, 2018
CLTC 7: July 17–29, 2018
CLTC 8: July 31–August 12, 2018

Camp B’nai Brith of Montréal, Montréal, Canada
CLTC 2 & 6

Camp B’nai Brith of Montréal is located outside the city of Montréal and offers the classic camp experience. Situated on a beautiful lakeside, most of CLTC will be hosted in a large building which is connected to the housing. Rooms have two to three beds each, with a private bathroom. This facility is fully kosher. Participants coming from outside of Canada will need a passport to travel to CLTC Montréal.

CLTC 2: June 10–21, 2018
CLTC 6: July 10–22, 2018


Is CLTC for you?
CLTC is a great program for Alephs and BBGs in the 9th or 10th grade who are current or aspiring chapter leaders, have attended or are interested in attending regional leadership conventions, or who haven't yet been to a BBYO international program!

How many teens attend CLTC?
Each session welcomes fewer than 100 participants. The smaller group size offers members the chance to create a community in which each member has the chance to grow and shine.

Who staffs CLTC?
BBYO programming professionals and advisors serve as the site director, leadership director, and leadership staff at CLTC. We’re also joined by a Jewish educator, song leader, Israeli counselors (or sh'lichim), an office manager, and college-age counselors (or madrichim).

What is the CLTC curriculum about?
The emphasis at CLTC is on building leadership skills applicable across participants’ AZA, BBG, or BBYO chapters, high school classrooms, and home communities. Jewish values and community service also are central to the CLTC experience. Members plan and lead daily morning services (or Shacharit) and Shabbat services, and engage in active philanthropy while choosing and raising money for a BBYO Stand UP cause.

For additional questions, check out our comprehensive Summer FAQ Guide.

There are so many ways for you to extend your fun, learning, and self-exploration this summer by combining experiences. Check out some of our awesome connections!


CLTC #1 + Trek Alaska | Grades 9–11 | June 5–July 1 (I)

CLTC #6 + Stand UP Washington, DC #3 | Grades 10–11 | July 10–August 2 (I)

CLTC #3 + Stand UP Chicago | Grades 9–11 | June 19–July 12 (S)


Israel Journey #1 + CLTC #5 | Grades 9–11 | June 12–July 15 (I)

Israel Journey #4 + CLTC #8 | Grades 9–11 |July 10–August 12 (I)

Israel Journey Plus #2 + CLTC #8 | Grades 9–11 | July 3–August 12 (I)

Trek Israel Plus #2 + CLTC #8 | Grades 9–11 | July 3–August 12 (I)


CLTC #3 + Central Europe Discovery #2 + Israel Journey #4 | Grades 9–11 | June 19–July 30 (I)


CLTC #3 + Central Europe Discovery #2 | Grades 9–11 | June 19–July 10 (I)

CLTC #6 + Central Europe Discovery #2 | Grades 9–11 | July 1–22 (I)

Spain Discovery #1 + CLTC #6 | Grades 9–11 | June 26–July 22 (I)

Spain Discovery #2 + CLTC #7 | Grades 9–11 | July 3–29 (I)

Italy Discovery #1 + CLTC #6 | Grades 9–11 | June 26–July 22 (I)

Western Europe Discovery #1 + CLTC #6 | Grades 9–11 | June 26–July 22 (I)

CLTC #6 + Ambassadors to the UK | Grades 9–10 | July 10–August 6 (I)


CLTC #3Stand UP Thailand | Grades 9–11 | June 19–July 19 (I)


CLTC #5 + Ambassadors to Argentina | Grades 9–11 |July 3–30 (I)

CLTC #8 + Ambassadors to Argentina | Grades 9–11 | July 17–August 12 (I)

CLTC #6 + Stand UP Nicaragua | Grades 9–12 | July 10–August 5 (I)

BBYO offers need-based scholarship for select experiences. Please visit the Scholarship Information page for more details. Scholarship applications were due on February 26, 2018; however, additional funds may still be available. Please don’t hesitate to fill out the scholarship application form.